7 Powerful Tips for Total Body Transformation

February 15, 2017

Today I thought I’d send you some powerful tips

This is from a list that I’ve put together from my time in the past 13 years working with 100s of clients in the fitness industry.

I call it…

The 7 Secrets to Total Body Transformation

Let’s get down to business.

1 – Eliminate Distractions

If you’re spending time in other people’s business how much time are you spending on your own?

Consider the hours you’re on Facebook, Social Media, Texts, Emails, etc.

These are all things that take time away from focusing on YOU

2 – Start Your Day in Power

Carve out 20 min every morning to work on your mindset

Journal, Read, Reflect

If you start your day in chaos it will end up in chaos

If you start your day in power you have postive direction and an anchor for your day

3 – E.O.D. Review (end of day)

– Take 10-15 min EVERY night to journal your day

– How did you execute on your fitness and nutrition?

– What were 3 things you did to push your goals further along?

4 – E.O.W. Review (end of week)

– Did you hit all your nutrition goals for the week?

* If not, what can you do to improve next week

– Did you hit all your fitness goals for the week?

* If not, what can you do to improve next week


– Make sure you book everything you need in your calendar first

– Grocery shopping, Food Prep, Workouts, Etc

– Put YOU 1st

– You’re the #1 priority

6 – Invest in Help

– Stand on the shoulders of those that have done it

– This isn’t just for knowledge. It’s because mentors and coaches have proven SYSTEMS that get results.

– Don’t be on an island all by yourself. That only SLOWS down the process.

7 – Do the CRITICAL Work

– The ‘stuff’ that directly leads you to your outcome

– The ‘stuff’ that you can TRACK and MEASURE

– NOT the stuff you ‘feel’ like doing

– Usually this isn’t the ‘sexy’ stuff but again..it’s the CRITICAL ‘stuff’ that WILL GET YOU RESULTS.

– Food and Fitness Logs, Reviews, Etc


Can’t build your dream castle in a day.

Not in a week.

Probably not even in a month.


One by one the bricks you lay will lead to the OUTCOME you are looking for!

If you’re looking for more help, guidance, coaching, and accountability then you’re in the right place.

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Do THIS Today to Get Closer to Your Goal

Many of us are guilty of the never ending ‘list’ building

We create them constantly

Aren’t these things suppose to help us?

But what really happens is they turn into lists of…





Can you relate to this?

I know I’ve battled this for years

**Setting Goals**

**Getting Excited**

and then never reaching those goals

and falling into a deep depression over it

I mean where did I go wrong?

I had the ‘list’ right in front of me

I took the time to write it all out

I even was able to cross a few things off here and there

^^Sound familiar?

So are lists a bad thing?

Should you stop making them?

Well, not exactly.

Tony Robbins has a quote that I live by:

“What’s talked about is a dream. What’s envisioned is exciting. What’s planned becomes possible. What’s scheduled is real”


So let’s break this down:

1 – Dreams and big picture outcomes are super important

You should write those down.

2 – Vision boards help you focus your positive mindset towards the future

If you look at them every day and engrain the work ethic then I think they are useful.

3 – Planning aka To-Do lists are great for organizing your thoughts

But that’s the thing.

For most people they just stay thoughts on paper.


– What gets scheduled is REAL!
– What gets scheduled is a COMMITMENT
– What gets scheduled must get DONE!

So take it from thought, to plan, to schedule, to DONE!

And then celebrate the wins!

Remember the old saying

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

This is so so so so true

You have to look at all the little pieces that add up to the masterpiece you’re trying to create.

So it’s time to be proactive and get working on your dreams.

Start implementing today!

– Coach Chuck

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