What you’ve always known as ‘Healthy’ Eating is WRONG and here’s WHY

September 10, 2018

Nutrition and diet info is everywhere!


And each expert tries to lead you in their direction because “they know best”


Well, today I’m going to help you sift through the muddy waters of what is “Healthy Eating”


It seems that every expert wants to focus on how MUCH we eat and beat us over the head with calories and portion sizes


This has gotten way too much attention because while this does affect your weight and energy level, it’s certainly not the “holy grail” of health.


Let’s focus a bit more on the often overlooked and proven benefits of what you eat and drink and how you eat and drink it.


What you eat and drink


The age old “calories in, calories out” philosophy (i.e. how much you eat) is now being over powered with research on other KEY factors that may be just as (if not MORE) important.


Don’t get me wrong limiting calories, carbs or fat can certainly help you lose weight but that’s simply not the only factor for long-term weight loss and maximum energy for everyone.


The intense focus on how much we eat does not work for everyone.


I’m sure you already knew that though 🙂


For some people it locks them into a box or the act of counting calories is just not something enjoy to do.


We get it!


What it IS good for is accountability and awareness.


But when it comes to awareness don’t forget to also pay attention to what you eat.


Fundamentally speaking this is the CORE of accountability,.


Ideally, you need a varied diet full of minimally-processed foods (i.e. fewer “packaged” “ready-to-eat” foods).


This simple concept is paramount for weight loss, energy, and overall health and wellness.


Every day this is what you should aim for:

  • A colourful array of fruits and veggies at almost every meal and snack. You need the fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Enough protein. Making sure you get all of those essential amino acids (bonus: eating protein can increase your metabolism).
  • Healthy fats and oils (never “hydrogenated” ones). There is a reason some fatty acids are called “essential” – you need them as building blocks for your hormones and brain as well as to be able to absorb essential fat-soluble vitamins from your uber-healthy salads.  Use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, eat your organic egg yolks, and get grass-fed meats when possible.  You don’t need to overdo it here.  Just make sure you’re getting some high-quality fats.


How you eat and drink


Also pay attention to how you eat and drink.


Studies are definitely showing that this has more of an impact than we previously thought.


Are you rushed, not properly chewing your food, and possibly suffering from gastrointestinal issues? Do you drink your food?


When it comes to how you eat let’s first look at “mindful eating”.


Mindful eating means to take smaller bites, eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and savour every bite.  Notice and appreciate the smell, taste and texture.  Breathe.


This gives your digestive system the hint to prepare for digestion and to secrete necessary enzymes.


This can also help with weight loss because eating slower often means eating less.  Did you know that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to know that your stomach is full?


Thought so!


We also know that more thoroughly chewed food is easier to digest and it makes it easier to absorb all of those essential nutrients.


And don’t forget about drinking your food.


Yes, smoothies can be healthy and a fabulously easy and tasty way to get in some fruits and veggies (hello leafy greens!) but drinking too much food can contribute to a weight problem and feelings of sluggishness.


Don’t get me wrong a green smoothie can make an amazingly nutrient-dense meal and is way better than stopping for convenient junk food – just consider a large smoothie to be a full meal not a snack.  And don’t gulp it down too fast.


If your smoothies don’t fill you up like a full meal does try adding in a spoon of fiber like ground flax or chia seeds.


Consider not only how much you eat but also what and how you eat it.

 Recipe (Smoothie meal):

Chia Peach Green Smoothie


Serves 1


handful spinach

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 banana

1 chopped peach

1 cup unsweetened almond milk


Add ingredients to blender in order listed (you want your greens on the bottom by the blade so they blend better and have the chia on the bottom to absorb some liquid before you blend).


Wait a couple of minutes for the chia seeds to start soaking up the almond milk.


Blend, Serve and Enjoy!


Tip: Smoothies are the ultimate recipe for substitutions.  Try swapping different greens, fruit or seeds to match your preference.


Bonus: Chia seeds not only have fiber and essential omega-3 fatty acids but they  contain all of the essential amino acids from protein.




Adventures in Green Smoothies (Recipe Included)

February 15, 2017

So I finally broke down and the gave a Green Smoothie a shot

At first I thought…”NO WAY!”

I’m not drinking a shake with spinach and cucumber in it

(Not a fan of rabbit food)

However I decided to consider the age old saying

‘Never judge a book by its cover’

So I got everything together

Slapped it into my Ninja Blender

(Ninja’s for the win my friend!)

And I was pleasantly surprised


I’m not making this up

It was delicious

So much so I couldn’t stop drinking it

And hey…I found a way to get 2 servings of greens in before 9am

But here’s the even bigger lesson I wanted to share with you today

WHY did I decide to implement Green Smoothies?

Nutritional value is a no brainer

The real reason was I wanted to establish a new habit

Now here’s the thing to consider.

When we try to implement to many things at once what happens?

We fall flat on our faces


It’s why diets rarely ever, if ever, work

It’s too many things to manage at once

Now taking 10 minutes to make a smoothie 1x a day

I can handle that

Again…the benefits are obviously

-2 servings of Greens

-1 serving of fruit

-2 servings of Protein (Massive!!)

-1 servings of healthy fat

-Daily dose of FIBER (also massive!!)

Most people don’t get that in a day let alone in one serving

Not to mention…

It’s quick

It’s easy

and it’s mindless

Make it…drink it…DONE!


– My energy was off the charts

– I wasn’t hungry for hours


– again, it tasted awesome!

So my friend

Before you go about making drastic changes

Before you think you’re going to conquer the world in a day

Before you try the next fad diet or exercise DVD

Take a second and just ask yourself

What’s one…simple…thing I can do today?

And can I repeat that one simple thing for a week?

If you can do that you’re on way.

STOP trying to eliminate things

STOP worrying about things you have to give up

STOP thinking about starving yourself and restricting yourself

Just focus on ADDING one simple thing

The rest will take care of itself

As you beginning to master the basics you can add to them

Master the art of the Green Smoothie

I guarantee you will begin to:

– lose cravings

– have more sustainable energy

Which we both know will lead to….

Losing Fat and Dropping Inches

Now imagine stacking that one nutrition habit with exercise?

That my friend is the key.

Balance in both areas.

I also understand how hard finding balance can be

And that’s why we’ve created a system that’s about as simple as “paint by numbers”

Want to have an insider’s look?

CLICK THE LINK BELOW (and find out)


– Chuck “Green Machine” Marbes

PS…As promised I said I would include the recipe I used.

Click Here —> Smoothie Video


Eat THIS – NOT That!

Eating on the go can be an absolute nightmare

It’s hard sometimes to really know what’s best

And then you get so sick of making decisions

You just don’t

And go for the

“I deserve it” side of the menu

And that’s cool

But I will say this

If you truly want to get results

You must know what you’re putting into your body

This does NOT mean you can’t eat the foods you love

All this means is putting in a little effort

To do a little research

Listen we ALL have smart phones these days

My guess is you’re reading this on one

And if you have a smart phone then you have access

To an ENDLESS library of information

If you’re out to eat

or on the go

It will take less than 10 minutes

To look up what you want to eat


Even if its to get a ‘ballpark’ idea of the calories

Again…I’m not the food Nazi

You can eat the foods you love

Just remember it may come at a small sacrifice

You need to watch portions

You’d be surprised how EASY it is to rack up 2000 calories in ONE meal

– Couple glasses of wine

– Appetizer

– Main course (even if it is healthy)

– Couple of rolls or bread along the way

– and of course….dessert!!!!

– and maybe one more glass of wine

^^ 2,000 cals hands down!!! ^^

For the ladies out there

That’s 1 and half DAYS worth of cals in ONE meal


So it just takes a little research

A small price to pay for

#1 – Enjoying the foods you love


#2 – Continuing to get amazing results!

So it’s not so much

“Eat THIS not that”

It’s more like

“KNOW what you’re eating”

Because at the end of the day, week, and month

When you step on the scale

You want to be certain you did everything you could

To get the outcome you desired.

And if you want some help with that outcome

An exact plan

A coach to help you along every step of the way

A community full of support

And endless accountability

Then click the link below for our 28 Day Transformation

CLICK: http://www.betterbodyfitnessbootcamps.com/28daytransformations


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