Adventures in Green Smoothies (Recipe Included)

February 15, 2017

So I finally broke down and the gave a Green Smoothie a shot At first I thought..."NO WAY!" I'm not drinking a shake with spinach and cucumber in it (Not a fan of rabbit food) However I decided to consider the age old saying 'Never judge a book by its cover' So I got everything together Slapped it into my Ninja Blender (Ninja's for the win my friend!) And I was pleasantly surprised IT TASTED AWESOME! I'm not making this up It was delicious So much so I couldn't stop drinking it And hey...I found a way to get 2 servings of greens in before 9am But here's the even bigger lesson I wanted to...


Eat THIS – NOT That!

Eating on the go can be an absolute nightmare It's hard sometimes to really know what's best And then you get so sick of making decisions You just don't And go for the "I deserve it" side of the menu And that's cool But I will say this If you truly want to get results You must know what you're putting into your body This does NOT mean you can't eat the foods you love All this means is putting in a little effort To do a little research Listen we ALL have smart phones these days My guess is you're reading this on one And if you have a smart phone then you have...